I’m going to have a cartoon in the Daily Forward of New York

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  1. alecho

    Hahaha, this is too funny. I won’t be surprised if he said, “ooh… Big Bang!!!” 😉

  2. Michael McCleary

    I know it’s just a cartoon, but the “Scientific Method” was developed by Christians and Muslims

  3. admin

    I take your point… but the fact remains that most scientists today are not religious.
    In a 1998 survey of members of the National Academy Of Sciences, only 7% believed in a personal god. Richard Dawkins observes that that’s almost the polar opposite of the general american public.
    In a more recent survey of the Royal Society (scientists of Great Britain and the Commonwealth) it was found that only 3.3% believed in a personal god, whilst 78.8% strongly disagreed with the idea.
    EJ Larson and L Witham: ‘Leading scientists still reject God’, Nature, p394, 1998, 313
    R Elisabeth Cornwell and Michael Stirrat, maunuscript in preparation.

  4. northierthanthou

    He could just call HER name.

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