Cartoons 2002

Stivers 12-30-02 I never meant to hurt you

Stivers 12-21-02 Mmm... public policy

Stivers 12-15-02 The war debate

Stivers 12-12-02 Knowledge is power

Stivers 12-01-02 I'll wait for the game

Stivers 11-24-02 Opera is tragic

Stivers 11-18-02 Edison invents the plastic thingy

Stivers 11-9-02 SAT waiter

Stivers 10-26-02 I have a small problem

Stivers 10-18-02 I'm sorry you feel guilty

Stivers 10-12-02 First choice college

Stivers 10-5-02 I used to suffer alone

Stivers 9-30-02 Weapon of mass.

Stivers 9-21-02 To vote for Iraq---

Stivers 9-16-02 The crummy songs I used to write

Stivers 9-10-02 Therapy is helping

Stivers 9-6-02 If I had it to do over again

Stivers 8-19-02 Democracy is about choice

Stivers 8-17-02 Chicken sound like a potato

Stivers 8-16-02 Beethoven's Fifth premiere

Stivers 8-8-02 Money can't buy me happiness

Stivers 7-30-02 If only Id saved my baseball cards

Stivers 7-28-02 Youre not a loser

Stivers 7-23-02 Nails at play

Stivers 7-22-02 Sometimes I enjoy a good cigar

Stivers 7-14-02 Breakfast - the musical

Stivers 7-8-02 How do you get so much accomplished

Stivers 7-1-02My parents never pushed me

Stivers 6-26-02 Near-life experience

Stivers 6-20-02 If you could keep an open mind

Stivers 6-10-02 Bush and global warming

Stivers 6-3-02 Cartoonish violence

Stivers 5-27-02 My own advice

Stivers 5-20-02 Discover life values

Stivers 5-13-02 Roots of unhappiness

Stivers 5-5-02 Crystal ball download

Stivers 4-29-02 Is jazz dead

Stivers 4-22-02 Killed and eaten

Stivers 4-14-02 Always seek approval

Stivers 4-7-02 God and Eve's breasts

Stivers 3-31-02 Early music

Stivers 3-23-02 Fun or well-paid professions

Stivers 3-17-02 Dog businessmen

Stivers 3-10-02 I'm making progress

Stivers 3-8-01 Jazz is America's classical music

Stivers 3-2-02 Shadow family

Stivers 2-23-02 rap and martial arts

Stivers 2-19-02 Talk radio for dogs

Stivers 2-11-02 Billions of rejections

Stivers 2-8-01 Susan likes to totally win an argument

Stivers 2-4-02 Low-impact aerobics

Stivers 1-28-02 We have too much

Stivers 1-23-02 Lethargy

Stivers 1-12-02 It's not about winning an award

Stivers 1-4-02 Did you get your implant at the surplus place