Pavlov T-shirt now available


Probably my most reproduced cartoon of the last five years is this one about Pavlov’s dogs. If you also love this cartoon, you can get a T-shirt of it here.

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  2. Shona

    Dear Mark,

    Is it possible to use your Pavlov cartoon on a website I am building on learning theory and second language acquisition for the University of Nice? I can show you a beta version.

    Best, Shona

  3. admin

    Sure, go ahead.

  4. danielle

    I would like to use this picture in a video that I am making for school if that is alright with you.

  5. admin

    Sure. If you ever post the video online, please send me a link.

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  8. Kathy

    I love this cartoon! I would like to stick it on a postcard i am sending out telling everyone that I have moved my office location. Is that ok with you?

  9. Kevin

    Great cartoon! Can I use this cartoon is a presentation I will be giving to a public audience?

  10. Anastasia Byler

    This is a fabulous comic! You are very creative and indeed quite funny. Same as so many others, I was wondering if I, too, could reproduce this comic in the humor section of a newsletter I send out to help people trying to publish in the field of psychology. So far, the newsletter has a circulation of about 25 individuals. As a trade-off, I will include information on how to purchase your t-shirt within the newsletter.

  11. admin

    That sounds like a good trade.

  12. Todd

    Hey Mark, do you have any objections if I use this image in a school presentation? Thanks!

  13. admin

    No, go ahead! What is your school?

  14. Sandy Thach

    I was wondering if I could use your image for a discussion in school. If possible, please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks!

  15. Ryan Brown

    Hi, Mark.

    I hope this message finds you well. My company, Emerson Human Capital Consulting, is writing a series of books on change management (our publisher is the American Society for Training and Development). We’d like to use this image in our next book, The Technology Change Book. Is that okay? We’d also like to know if you have a high resolution version of this image (at least 300dpi at 4″ x 4.25″)? If your image makes it into the published version of the book, we’ll make sure to send you a copy.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Ryan Brown

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  17. Maikelnai

    Hi. I’ve translated your cartoon into Spanish and used in my science blog I hope you don’t mind. Oh! And congratulations. Fantastic job 😉

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  19. JayJay

    Hi Mark,
    As a dog trainer, this is the best cartoon. I am writing a book which includes a reference to classical conditioning. May I be allowed to use your image and credit you? Many thanks

  20. admin

    Generally I charge $100US for using a cartoon in a book. You can pay me via PayPal at I can provide an invoice and high-resolution image.

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  22. Julia Burks

    Hi Mark, I am in the process of writing a thesis on mobile dating apps and dating behaviour of the Millennial. My research is done through the behavioural science lens looking at classical and operant conditioning and reinforcement theory. I would like to include your cartoon. It not only made me really smile, it hits the nail on the head with regards who or what is conditioning who. Please let me know if this is Ok… and I am very happy to purchase the t-shirt!

  23. admin

    Sure! I’m honored. If you could send me the page on which you use the cartoon, I’d love to see it.


  24. Jason

    Hi Mark,
    I am putting together a lecture presentation and would like to include this image (with credit to you) as an example of classical conditioning.
    Would you mind?
    Kind regards,

  25. admin

    Sure! Just credit me

  26. julie Steimer

    May I use your cartoon in a presentation for a graduate class I am taking?

  27. admin

    Sure! I’m sorry I missed your comment before now. Just give me credit: ©2019 Mark Stivers

  28. admin

    Sure! Just credit me

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  30. Georgina M

    Hi Mark,

    I work within the content creation team at an educational org based in Melbourne, Australia, called Edrolo. We make online learning resources for Australian schools. One of our presenter teachers would love to include this cartoon in a lesson on classical conditioning within the QCE Psychology course we’re currently building. The use of this image would be educational in nature, to add visual engagement to the content and of course to give students a bit of a laugh It would be amazing if you could respond to let me know whether we’re able to use the image. We’d of course give you credit however you’d like!


  31. admin

    I apologize for not responding to this comment earlier. Of course, I’d love for you to use the image, but it’s two years later!

  32. A

    Would it be possible to use your image for a blog post on memes for digital psychology. I will give you credit.

  33. admin

    Sure! Just include ©2003 Mark Stivers
    If you can, email me a link to the post at

  34. admin

    Sure. Just mention

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