Sounded like a dog
Saturday — November 10th, 2018

Sounded like a dog


A favorite from 1985


1985-01-01 Way Out West







This cartoon appeared in Harper’s in 1987.

Another News & Review cover


Read the article here to see more illustrations

I’m a meme

This is one of numerous variations on a 2006 cartoon of mine that have appeared on the Internet. Read about it here. Note that this is the same cartoon that was in the Daily Forward (see post from June 18, 2011 below).

Another News & Review cover

My third News & Review cover this year!

Sorry the image is so small…

My cover and another image from last News & Review

My cover (and other images) for the News & Review Summer issue

I’m going to have a cartoon in the Daily Forward of New York

Cartoon on PC World website.

Click here to see the article.

1999 archive is up

Look on the column to the right!