Two Pregnant Women
July 7th, 2007

Two Pregnant Women

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  1. kinshaza

    that is kind of mean whoever posted and drew that.

  2. admin

    It is a little mean. But it’s also, I think, funny that the women would be imagining an argument that their kids would have even before they are born. Plus, I actually heard two women say this in a Target store.

  3. Jamie

    I think this is pretty funny and also have heard such things being said. As a facepainter for kids I hear”My son (2years old) can’t have a butterfly on his face he’s not gay” Geez parents butteflies don’t change your sexuality, So now every spiderman face includes pink glitter.

  4. chinagorom njoku

    Funny! Just adopted it as a biology worksheet. So it might be educztive. too.

  5. Angela

    omfg thats so damn sick, me and my friend wants kids and my boyfriend loves spiderman and my friend loves spongebob when I showd her this she pissed her pants LMFAO

  6. how to conceive a girl

    It is women’s pleasure

  7. e to male

    this is sooooo funny!!!!

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