Two Screens
September 7th, 2008

Two Screens

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  2. raptors

    in soviet russia two or more screens watch you!

  3. Sharan

    hah! that’s what I’m doing right now!

  4. enjoyher

    Bahahaha, too true. Pretty much my life right now!

  5. ds

    I noticed that he has a DS. Does that count as watching at least two screens by itself?

  6. Daniel

    Never thought of it. But yeah, I always have at least 2 screens on. 1 get’s boring the other gives you hope.

  7. Meagan

    I do that all the time, but only to have the tv on for background noise, I don’t actually pay attention to it. Is it just me or are people spending WAY to much time in front of a screen?

  8. Jayme

    Hahaha my TV almost never comes on unless its something I feel the need to watch… then I turn it right back off. Sometimes I have on country music for the background noise thing tough.

  9. me

    The second frame is also wrong, there should be a third frame indicating the only correct method is to also have music on in addition to your two screens… triple the stimuli triple the perception

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  13. dunks

    I am a little out!

  14. Shabadoo

    Am doing exactly that at the moment, much to my girlfriends annoyance.

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