Minutes of the Sacramento Valley Returned Peace Corps Volunteers' Board Meeting
January 2, 2007

Members present: Kenton Ayers, Faith Boucher, Debra DeBondt, Deborah Moskovitz,
Heidi Steger, Mark Stivers, Jim Waters
Members absent: Fran Kennedy, Veronica Rodriguez, Bruce Sandie, Nancy Sinnwell,
Audrey Wiechman

1. Minutes of the December meeting
Corrections and changes:
$250 went to Peace Corps Partnership - we don't know which project it went to, but the one we had selected was already funded
Motion to approve the minutes by Debra, second by Jim, approved
2. Passing the President's Baton
-Kenton is moving to Atlanta to work for Peace Corps
- passing on the presidency to Audrey along with the mailbox keys
-if Audrey is reluctant, we'll find another member to take the job
3. Winter Dinner - January 20, 2007
-5:30 board sets up the room
-6:00 people gather
-6:30 eating begins
-7:30 entertainment - Japanese dancers are set - will be paid $150 for dancing
-Fran will bring tablecloths
-Heidi will make a dues poster and donate tablecloths - will give to Debra
4. Discussion of promoting upcoming events
-discuss whether to mail a post card or make phone calls
-decided on phone calls - 5 members will make 20 calls each and discuss 5 items
-Adventures in Dining - Jan. 19 at 7 PM - Sher-E-Punjab
-Mid-Winter Dinner - Jan. 20 at 6 PM
-checkout web site - http:\\www.markstivers.com\rpcvs\
-membership dues to be collected
-bring an acquaintance or RPCV friend
4. State of California -Secretary of State -Domestic Nonprofit Corporation Form
fees ($20) sent in by Kenton
5. Deborah paid Corporate Compliance 501 C# fee of $228
-this may be completely bogus and we have been scammed
6. Calendar of SVRPCV events for 2007
-get dates together for the February meeting
-Howard Koons has dates for the goat roast and the campout
-any other new events?
7. Project Funding
-Debra had information on a mural project in Kenya with HIV/AIDS education
-an Emory University former RPCV needs $250 to complete training/materials for murals in middle schools in Kenya
-motion by Faith, second by Mark, approved
-Deborah will write the check Jan. 3rd, so he can access funds by Jan. 8th
8. Treasurer's Report - dated December 26, 2005 through December 1, 2006
9. Next meeting February 6, 2007 at 7 PM at Deborah's house
(Thanks to Heidi for taking minutes and passing them on to Nancy who was not at the meeting.)